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Stewart Ford

Stewart Ford is an Entrepreneur, businessman, venture capitalist, business mentor, and philanthropist.

Since 2004, Stewart Ford has worked in the field of venture capital. He sees this role as his opportunity to assist others in transitioning from where they are now to where they ultimately desire to be. He has established several companies throughout his career and is willing to provide guidance based on the many years he has spent working in the industry at various levels. He takes great pleasure in collaborating with highly skilled individuals. On numerous occasions, he has been an important factor in assisting his colleagues and peers in advancing in their respective fields based on the expertise they bring to the table. He has never been one to sit on his laurels. He put himself through college by working, and at 24, he launched his first business. Because of his extensive experience and successful career, he is an ideal venture capitalist partner. When Stewart is in a new location, the first thing he does is assess the resources available to him and figure out how he can use those resources to his advantage. Because he can adjust his behavior to suit any circumstance, he is a precious asset in the corporate world.

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